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To whom it may concern,

On January 1, 2014 the Atlantic City Polar Bears will take their annual plunge into the Atlantic City Ocean. Our members are many things: thrill seekers, enthusiasts, and photo friendly fun seekers. Yet, our greatest “claim to fame” is that we strive to connect our chilly dip to philanthropic fundraising to elevate awareness of an organization.

Each year, we fundraise for an organization, and aspire to connect sponsors who will contribute to our cause, in return, gain media coverage, sponsorship credit on all publicity, including t- shirts and awards of completion, which are distributed to preregistered participants on the beach and sold to the general public.

This year, we are raising funds for MSAA – Multiple Sclerosis Association of America. The proceeds of this event will benefit the multiple sclerosis community through the programs and services provided by MSAA.

MS is an autoimmune disease of the central nervous system affecting more than 400,000 people across the United States. It is also the most common neurological disorder diagnosed in young adults and there is no cure. Common symptoms include visual problems, overwhelming fatigue, difficulty with balance and coordination, intolerance to heat, physical pain, and various levels of impaired mobility.

The funds raised by the Polar Bear Plunge for MSAA will go toward supporting their programs and services. Each year they are able to assist over 50,000 people directly across the country through their Equipment Distribution program, which provides much needed equipment for free, their Helpline which provides a friendly voice to help answer questions, their award winning publications which provides information, and their MRI program to help diagnose and track the progression of the disease.

Please contact me to indicate your support of the Atlantic City Polar Bear initiative, and/or address any questions you may have about the event. We hope you are interested in sponsoring this event, bringing visibility to your business while supporting MSAA.


Michael Kahlenberg, President

Atlantic City Polar Bear Club

267-566-4659 (cell)

215-757-3564 (home) (web site on your browser)